Hello blog readers. It’s been a few days since I’ve bored you with the mundane goings-on of my life. I have news, though!

As of right now (4:33pm EST), I only have three more exams until graduation. Big news. I know, you’re all very excited for me. I’m excited, too.

I’m also really excited for Friday morning, when my 4 best girlfriends and I fly off to Vegas for a weekend of reckless abandon because we will all have graduated college (or… all but one, but she graduates when we get home). I won’t be home until Monday, which just so happens to be M’s birthday. I hope I win oodles of money, wouldn’t that be a wonderful birthday gift for the love of my life?? “Here babe, here’s a wad of cash. Love you!!” haha. I’d like it…

Obviously, I can tell you if it was fun or terrifying, but I can’t spill any deetz. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. End of discussion.

I’ll be home from Vegas for approximately two days, and which point I will head back to the airport and zoom off to Texas to see Mom and Dad. I’m almost more excited about this then I am about Vegas. I just miss them to no end. They’re not coming here for graduation because I am not walking. Kind of a bummer, but I purchased my flight for Vegas before I decided to graduate, and guess what ceremony takes place while I’m cruising at 32,000ft. Poor prior planning. Oh well.

Welp, with all of the excellent things happening in my life, there has to be at least one downer, right?? And there is…

M and I have decided to postpone our wedding. We are no longer getting married in January and I’m pretty bummed about it. We’ve been doing a lot of soul searching (and counting and estimating) and we realized that while we’ve been engaged for almost two years, getting married in January feels a little bit like rushing it. We’re not financially stable, and I’m not exactly what you call a bread winner (yet!!!). We also have concerns about insurance and other related issues. Fortunately our venue is being AMAZING about it, and they told us they would hold our deposit and to let them know when our new date is and we’ll work it all out.

Things are shaping up, I suppose. Big things. Crazy things. I’m not quite ready to grow up – but it seems as though I don’t have a choice anymore. Gah!

What’s going on in your lives?  Big news? Happy news? Anything??


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