Whaaaat is going on?

I woke up this morning because I was having an awful dream about overdue bills (weird, right?). To calm my 7am jitters, I promptly paid my bills, and then I got on Facebook. My world was rocked as I saw all of these status updates about the death of Osama bin Laden. What a wakeup call! I googled it (because I don’t believe most people of Facebook) and found a lovely little article published by the Washington Post, and then I saw the YouTube video of President Obama telling the world that there was a mission to kill bin Laden and it was successful. Well howdy-doo. What excellent news.

I am, however, disappointed in Americas reaction. I mean really, the loss of ANY human life, even that of a sadistic terrorist, should not be celebrated in the way many Americans have apparently chosen. I’m just having a hard time with this. I’m thrilled he’s dead. It’s very exciting news. But I don’t feel that it’s necessary to run around the streets of D.C., shouting and being (in my opinion) ridiculous. There are better ways to celebrate.

I know a lot of people won’t agree with me on this topic, and that’s fine. To each his own. I am just trying to work it out in my own head. I generally have a problem with too much “AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!” anyway. I love my country, but Darryl Worley gets on my nerves. Ya know what I mean?


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