Definition of OVERWHELM

transitive verb
a : to cover over completely : submerge b : to overcome by superior force or numbers c : to overpower in thought or feeling
(Definition from Merriam-Webster.com — Keyword: Overwhelmed)


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I’m feeling very overwhelmed lately. Today I applied (late, obviously) for graduation. Certain things that are happening in my life that have caused a little shift in my plans. Apparently, according to the two advising offices I visited today, I can graduate this semester with my degree in criminology and criminal justice and still work towards my degree in english language and literature. This is excellent because I really need to get a real job and make some money… I’m also more than a little burnt out when it comes to school. But it’s also extremely terrifying.
I’ve been living in my lovely little academia cocoon — I have no idea what I’m going to do on “the outside”. My excuse for not getting a real job is now gone. I (will) have a degree from an amazing and widely recognized university. I will have the time to work. I have the needs to work. I’m just terrified. All of this preparation and I don’t feel adequate. I don’t feel like I’m necessarily better than the girl sitting next to me. (You know what I mean. I’m home alone, so no one is actually sitting next to me. But if someone was sitting next to me… you understand..) It’s so frustrating. I’m terrified. I’ve not even been to the career center yet! My resume isn’t written! I haven’t had the weeks of preparation as my peers. I have 4 weeks before I’m (mostly) free of school and in desperate need of a real, full time job (preferable with benefits!). Everyone else has been preparing for this since at least January. Crap!
I’m really excited, though. Really truly. I’m just also really scared.
Anyone else???

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