So, I finally got around to sorting through my photos from Texas and I’m highly disappointed in the number of food pictures I ended up taking. Apparently I was much more interested in eating then documenting all of the deliciousness that I encountered…

Alas, I do have a few, and I will share them with you now. :)

The very first place we went to the night M and I arrived in Houston was Subway, because we were starving and it was 9:30pm. I didn’t take any pictures of that because I’m assuming we’ve all been to a Subway. No? If you’re reading this and you’ve not been to a Subway you really should just get up and go. It’s pretty delicious.

The next day I couldn’t contain myself and I forced my parents to take us to Lupe Tortilla. The best tex-mex I’ve ever encountered. We go to the original Lupe — it’s an old house converted into a restaurant with an outdoor play area for eating and this little playground/sandbox area. So awesome.



I started out with this mound of mouth-watering, life-changing, fantastic cuisine. Baked beans, rice, a hard shell beef taco and a beef enchilada. I’m getting hungry just thinking about this. Ah. So good. I couldn’t wait for this to arrive at the table. I had intended to take pictures of everyone else’s meals (Dad got chicken enchilada’s with green sauce, Mom got steak fajitas, and I can’t remember what M ordered. Oh well.) but as I said, when the food arrived I forgot about my camera. Can you blame me? Look at that plate! Well anyway, about 10 minutes later the same plate looked like this…


I know I keep saying it was good… but it really was sooooo good. I would fly to Texas now just for this meal. It is by far my favorite place to eat… probably ever. I’m fairly obsessed with Mexican food anyway, but authentic Tex-Mex… home made tortillas? Gah… Pulls my heart strings. It’s pathetic. But I love it! … Moving along…

We also went to Pappadeaux for alligator, which I forgot to photograph but looks a lot like fried chicken nuggets and tastes very similar, just a bit more chewy. Not exactly my favorite but I’m glad I tried it.

The Taste of Texas was M’s favorite, for sure. I have two pictures from the Taste of Texas — the baked brie that began our meal, and the epic steak knives my parents bought us as a gift. This will get its own post with input from M. He really, really, really liked it.

The most comforting part of going to Texas was honestly my momma’s home cooking. As you know, I’m living with M’s family right now and they hardly ever cook. That is something I miss the most. I need it like air… and when I go to Texas, I get it. She made me my favorite chicken nuggets (forgot to photograph), M and my favorite cookies… anddd we made home made noodles for spaghetti (which is the best meal ever, ask any of my friends. They would always ask “When is spaghetti night?!??!”)

Making Noodles!

The food on this trip was AMAZING. I wish I had written about it sooner because now I want it all again very badly. I love the food in Texas. I love that my parents are in Texas. I love the food my mom makes. I think I need to move to Texas. ::sigh::.

Are any of you far away from your family? Does good food (or lack of good food) make you miss home? Obviously, it’s having a major effect on me!

One for the road – Cowboy Cookies. Epic.

Cowboy Cookies!


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  1. 5 bedrooms, 4.5 bathrooms, 3384 sq ft of living space and Mama’s cooking !!!! Whatcha waiting for?

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