Ahh, Texassss.

Since leaving class on thursday afternoon at approximately 4:45pm, spring break has been fantastic. :)

Thursday night I worked at the bar – it was full of St. Patty’s Day fun, and I made more than enough play money for my trip down south.

Friday I went to my storage to find shorts because M and I don’t have room for my entire wardrobe in our little tiny bedroom in the basement of his mom’s house … it’s amazing to me how long it took me to find them. Unreal. I thought I was organized. After I (finally) located some shorts, I went home and (hurriedly) packed, and by 9pm central time I was hugging my mom and dad! … It was a good call on the shorts, btw. 87* and sunny today!

Since arriving in Texas, I have chowed down at Subway, Lupe Tortilla, and Fuzzy’s pizza. Tonight is Pappadeaux. More detailed food posts will follow. My mom also made her world famous (or home famous) Cowboy Cookies, and my favorite fried chicken dinner. Seriously, rolling into class on Tuesday.

I’ve also purchased quite a few wedding magazines, gone to (but was unable to participate in) a warrior dash, driven through multiple neighborhoods in Sugarland, and tried (and failed) to get over to the rodeo. Today is the last day… Maybe next year.

I’ll leave you with this photograph… I’m blogging from the porch of my parents apartment. It’s simply gorgeous here. :0) Happy Spring Break!




2 Comments to “Ahh, Texassss.”

  1. Aww your puppy is so cute! I love the graduation hat and tassel haha. You should get her a dog cake for her graduation accomplishment, did you know they sell them in some regular grocery store’s frozen food sections?

  2. So I’m still totally stalking your wedding planning. Creepy, I know. Was the Warrior Dash total madness? Sam and I and some friends are doing the one in Maryland in May. I think you can still sign up!

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