The week before spring break.

This week has been absolutely insane! Papers upon papers, books upon books. Unbelievable. Zero sleep has occurred. At 4:45pm today, my spring break will officially begin! I can’t tell you how slowly the minutes are a-tickin’.

M and I will be flying to Houston! I have family there, and instead of heading to Miami with our friends, we’re going to visit good ole mom and dad. We’ll be rockin’ out at a few races and spending the day at the rodeo! Also… I can’t wait for some of my moms cooking. No one cooks like my mom. No one.

On the other hand… there is no tex-mex like texas tex-mex. I’ll also be visiting the original Lupe Tortilla … seriously. It’s delicious.

Also in Texas, my mom and I are getting some serious wedding work done. Booking vendors, looking up flowers, making appointments/plans for her to come back here and help me get sh*t done! Super excited. I’ll obviously update from there… I didn’t spend all of that money on an 11in macbook air to leave it at home while I travel.

When I get home, my pre-wedding workout begins. My goal is to lose roughly 15lbs in just under 1o months.. I will need your support. I’m looking to you, Sarah, to help me! I’m going to start doing Bikram Yoga, along with spending a significant amount of time at L.A. Fitness.

On a lighter (Ha, pun intended!) note… Last weekend Liberty Bell graduated from puppy class!! I am so proud of her. She was the best little darn dog in her class. If they gave actual grades, I bet she would have gotten an A+. I would tell you more about it, but I fear if I discuss it I’ll just gush about how wonderful she is… and you all already know that.

LB lookin' supa dupa fly


One Comment to “The week before spring break.”

  1. Graduations Liberty! Good luck with your plans for losing weight and it sounds like your going to have fun in Texas.

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