Sunday mornings are funday mornings. Why? Because of our puppy. In July, M and I adopted the most beautiful boxer/pit mix. She is pure joy and the happiest part of my day. On Sundays we head over to our local PetSmart for puppy training class. Our baby girl (lets call her Liberty Bell, like in Juno) is the class clown. While the instructor is instructing, she is rolling all over the floor taunting all of the other puppies. She almost never barks, but she makes faces and is generally adorable and distracting. It’s okay for her, because she is one of the oldest in the class and has mastered ‘sit’, ‘lay down’, and ‘leave it’ … the other dogs are not so fortunate, and I’m starting to think the other puppy mommies and daddies are getting mad at us. What can I do? I can’t make her stop being adorable. Not possible.

I love puppy class on Sunday. :)

Afterwards my maid of honor, who would prefer to be called Elle for the purposes of this blog, and I went to the venue for the wedding! She had never been anymore and it is such a wonderfully romantic place. We met M & my new coordinator and she is absolutely fantastic. I am getting more comfortable with this whole Getting Married thing — it’s kind of crazy! Twenty-two and getting married. I love it. 

We talked a lot about the flow of the ceremony/cocktail hour/reception and how M will manage dancing (or not dancing, as he would prefer) with his three mothers. My mom has already told him that he has enough mothers on his plate – he needn’t worry about dancing with her, too. I really think that she just hates to dance while other people are watching. 

I now have millions of little wedding ideas floating around in my brain and all I want to do is read articles and look at pictures on TheKnot, but alas, I have a lot of homework to do. Oh the challenges of the double life of a college student/bride.  


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